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The Silver Revolution

The new world in which we currently live is full of good news. More years of life to enjoy, fewer diseases, and new technologies at our disposal. In addition, without realizing it a new generation has emerged, somewhere between work and retirement, which has the ability to lead a genuine revolution.

Demographic pressure is crying out for companies, administrations and the public as a whole to commit to giving this issue the highest priority by taking meaningful action; otherwise, the future will not be the attractive silver color of most older people’s hair, but rather very black. 

The increased longevity of the population and the opportunities of the ageing economy are what inspired Antonio Huertas, the president of MAPFRE, and Iñaki Ortega, the director of the Deusto Business School, to write this book. It is obvious that we are living longer and longer. According to the OECD, by 2050 Spain will have the oldest population in the world, with 40% of people aged over 65. Furthermore, half of all girls born in Europe in 2017 will live for longer than 100 years. None of this is bad news, contrary to many predictions, but rather good news, provided that we know how to manage it.

The silver generation is mainly made up of people over 55 who have another 25-30 years of activity ahead of them, not necessarily of a similar nature and not necessarily incompatible with retirement.